American Standard.
For over a hundred years, we’ve been building heating and air conditioning products the only way we know how: purposely, meticulously, and with unwavering integrity.
Which goes hand in hand with the principle that guides our business:
“A higher standard” isn’t just how we build our products—it’s how we build our relationships.
Our valued distributors, our independent dealers, the customers who depend on us every day—they’re all crucial to our success.
And that’s why together, we’re stronger. Together, we’re leaders.
Together, we’re all American Standard.

Our Heritage

In 1885, we started using cast-iron radiators for the clean, affordable heating of residential homes.

Today, well, our technology has moved on a bit, but we haven’t lost sight of our roots. Specifically, the idea that people deserve the same attention as products—because, ultimately, that’s who we’re building our systems for.

As a proud member of the Ingersoll Rand corporate family, we’ve grown over the years thanks to breakthroughs, successes—and, above all, an unwavering commitment to integrity. We take care of our customers and their families the same way we take care of our own, knowing that someday we’ll be doing the same for their grandchildren.